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The Minnesota Chauffeured Transportation Association (MCTA)  serves as the voice of small business owners who are dedicated to the success of chauffeured transportation and improving industry laws.


MCTA objectives:

  • Consider and deal by all lawful means with common issues of the chauffeured transportation industry;

  • Secure cooperative action in advancing the common issues of the chauffeured transportation industry;

  • Secure cooperative action in advancing the common purpose of its members, foster equity in business usage, and promote activities aimed to enable the industry to conduct itself with the greatest economy and efficiency;

  • Afford due consideration to and expression of opinion upon questions affecting the industry and to promote the common business interest of the industry; and

  • Cooperate with other industries and organizations; to do anything necessary and proper for the accomplishment of any objects herein set forth of which shall be recognized as proper and lawful objectives of associations, all of which shall be consistent with the public interest, as well as in the interest of this industry and trade.


MCTA is proud to be a member of the National Limo Association.



MCTA lobbies local, state and federal policy makers to help maintain a positive business environment for the chauffeured transportation industry as a whole. Maintaining our current membership and adding new members, will help us combine forces with others in the industry for a louder voice and lobby as a group for industry changes and improvements. The Association keeps members up to date on current regulations and the latest news to help keep members informed.


Members of the MCTA may boost their membership to potential customers, giving them the ability to identify them and their company as a reputable professional in the chauffeured transportation industry. Each member will receive an office wall plaque showing their membership and length of membership with the MCTA. We encourage the public to retain services from companies that are members of the MCTA. Members of the MCTA must provide proof of insurance and all legal operating permits before approval of membership with the association.


Working as a large group, MCTA is able to bring members potential savings to most needed products and services, from discounts on vehicles to lower insurance rates, vehicle repair and the like. MCTA strives to help you increase your bottom line profits by saving you money.


When you join MCTA you are able to meet and network with the business leaders that drive the industry. These contacts are an invaluable asset for the success of your business. The association host quarterly meetings with updates on current issues that directly affect the Minnesota chauffeured transportation industry.

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